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Ya Shi Xiang


Ya Shi Xiang 鸭屎香, a Dan Cong oolong plucked from a single, 80-year old tree in the Phoenix mountains of Guangdong. This tea was cultivated on a family-managed tea garden and expertly crafted by Song Lin, a second generation tea master. The Ya Shi has an inviting aroma of orchids and charcoal roasted tea. The liquor is smooth and creamy with notes of vanilla and cocoa.

The name of this tea translates to "duck shit aroma", which thankfully bares no resemblance to the actual aroma of this tea. According to tradition, the name was bestowed to this tea centuries ago by tea farmers as a means of warding off would-be thieves from stealing their prized tea.

Name: Ya Shi Xiang 鸭屎香 (duck shit aroma)

Region: Phoenix Mountains, Guangdong Province, China

Type: Dan Cong oolong

Cultivation: organic practices, single-tree harvest

Harvest Date: April 2020

Garden Elevation: 800 m

Tree Age: approx. 80-years (harvested from a single-tree)

Flavor / Aroma: orchid and charcoal roast aroma. Creamy texture with notes of vanilla, honey, and cocoa


  Gaiwan: 200°F, 4-5 g, 30 sec (add 15 seconds per subsequent infusion)

  Western: 200°F, 3 min, 3 g (2 TSP) per cup