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Flight of the Phoenix - Dancong (set of 3)


We're thrilled to offer this "flight" comprised of three Dancong oolongs crafted by a single tea master. This set includes three spring teas: Ya Shi Xiang ("duck shit aroma"), Chun Xue Mi Lan ("spring snow honey orchid"), and Da Wu Ye ("big dark leaves"). The flight is 60 grams in total (3 x 20 grams), enough for five sessions of each tea. If you're not familiar with Dancong, we highly recommend this unique experience to try three incredible oolong teas. 

The teas were harvested in April 2020 from gardens that are managed with organic practices. The Ya Shi was harvested from a single tree estimated at 80-years of age. The other two teas, Chun Xue Me Lan and Da Wu Ye, were harvested from several different trees estimated at 60 and 40-years of age respectively. 

Sound amazing? Well, it gets better... Join us for a virtual tea tasting event hosted by Aera Tea. We'll be brewing up our Dancong Tasting Set while discussing the origins of this tea, how it was cultivated and crafted by the tea master, and different brewing methods for enjoying Dancong. This free event will be hosted on Zoom on Saturday January 9th at 1pm EST and last approximately 45 minutes. To register for the event, please sign up using this form.


Flavor / Aroma: orchid aroma and a creamy texture, notes of honey and cocoa

Region: Guangdong, China

Type: oolong (Dancong)

Varietals: Ya Shi Xiang (鸭屎香), Chun Xue Mi Lan (春雪蜜兰香), Da Wu Ye (大乌叶)

Cultivation: organic practices

Harvest Date: April 2020


  Gaiwan: 200°F, 4 g, 30 sec (add 15 seconds per subsequent infusion)

  Western: 200°F, 3 min, 3 g (2 TSP) per cup

Packaging: 100% compostable zipper Kraft pouches