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Chun Xue Mi Lan


Chun Xue Mi Lan 春雪蜜兰香 (spring snow honey orchid), a Dan Cong oolong plucked from a 60-year old tea grove in the Phoenix mountains of Guangdong. This tea was cultivated on a family-managed tea garden and expertly crafted by Song Lin, a second generation tea master. The Mi Lan has an inviting aroma of honey, toasted rice, and orchids. The liquor is smooth and creamy with notes of vanilla, honey, and a slight bit of cocoa.

NameChun Xue Mi Lan 春雪蜜兰香 (Spring Snow Honey Orchid)

Region: Phoenix Mountains, Guangdong Province, China

Type: Dan Cong oolong

Cultivation: organic practices

Harvest Date: April 2020

Garden Elevation: 400 m

Tree Age: approx. 60-years

Flavor / Aroma: orchid and charcoal roast aroma. Creamy texture with notes of vanilla, honey, and cocoa


  Gaiwan: 200°F, 4-5 g, 30 sec (add 15 seconds per subsequent infusion)

  Western: 200°F, 3 min, 3 g (2 TSP) per cup