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Jingmai Spring

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Jingmai is a renowned tea mountain in Yunnan, China known for its ancient tea forests – a diverse ecosystem of tea trees and other flora, growing together to form a biodynamic forest. This tea was cultivated in pesticide-free, natural tea forests managed by smallholder farmers in Jingmai. These leaves were roasted in small batches by skilled tea masters, Yubai and William, who specialize in sheng pu'er. This tea may be enjoyed now or kept to age.

Region: Yunnan, China

Type: sheng “raw” pu’er

Cultivation: organic practices;  生态 shengtai (natural tea gardens)

Harvest Date: March 2018

Garden Elevation: 1,300 – 1,700 m

Infusion: 185°F, 4 min, 1.5 g per 100 ml

Flavor / Aroma: balanced earthy & umami flavors with a sweet finish