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Asha Nepal

An ambitious organization making a big impact

Asha Nepal is a nonprofit whose mission is to combat human trafficking. We had the pleasure of spending the day meeting the staff at their location in Kathmandu Valley. Asha Nepal offers survivors of trafficking the opportunity to live on site while healing from their trauma and learning job skills to assist them in their new beginning. Asha Nepal currently has over 30 women and their children living in the home. They also run a vocational training center in Mumbai India and have a small boarder monitoring outpost that they co-manage with another non-profit.

The vocational training center is a new initiative that Asha Nepal launched at the start of 2019. The center provides vocational training to survivors of human trafficking, by teaching them how to sew beautiful tote bags, purses and backpacks. The proceeds from these bags help to support the survivors and their families.

We are proud to partner with Asha Nepal and assist in selling their hand crafted bags. Aera Tea is working to expand Asha's sales market to the United States, with all profits going back to Asha Nepal and the artisans who craft the bags. Help us support Asha Nepal and the resilient artisans who made them by buying an Asha Nepal bag.

For each bag of tea sold this month, and every four sample bags sold, we’re donating $1 to Asha Nepal.

Visit Asha Nepal to learn more about their on-going projects.


Asha Nepal's vocational training center in Mumbai, India.


Tote bag sewn by an artisan at the Mumbai Project.


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