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Our mission is to bring you tea that is beautifully crafted, naturally cultivated, and responsibly made. We personally visit the farmers and tea makers who we buy tea from and only develop relationships with producers who demonstrate care for their workers, their community, and the environment. We believe that good tea should not be judged solely by taste, but its impact on the community.

Truly good tea:

  • Tastes exceptional until the last drop

  • Provides farmers and factory employees with fair and sustainable employment

  • Is cultivated naturally using responsible agricultural practices that protects the environment



As purveyors, we travel the world and taste a lot of tea, though only a small portion meets our stringent standards for masterful tea. Our rule: we only sell tea that we enjoy ourselves.



We source our tea from gardens that use organic cultivation practices, grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. While some of the tea farms we work with are certified organic, we also work with small-scale tea producers who cultivate using organic practices though cannot afford the annual certification.

When evaluating tea gardens, we look for gardens characterized by high biological diversity and rich soil quality. Most of the world’s tea is grown in ecosystems with low biodiversity and little to no shading, often requiring the use of chemical fertilization and sometimes irrigation. Biodynamic ecosystems are not only better for the environment, they also produce healthy tea plants with more robust flavor.



We only source tea from growers that we believe have a positive impact on the community. We evaluate growers based on agricultural and labor practices, environmental footprint, and community impact. 



We strive to be transparent and educate our customers on our business practices and standards for excellence in tea, environmental stewardship, and community benefit. We hope to be a resource to tea enthusiasts who are passionate about what goes into making truly exceptional tea.


Aera Tea was born in the mountains of Yunnan, China, where our founder studied tea cultivation and the centuries-old art of making tea. Today we travel the globe in search of tea that delights and inspires us.


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