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Meet the Team

Joe's passion for tea drew him to Yunnan, China, where he fell in love with the region's beautiful landscape, the people, and of course their wonderfully crafted tea. This set in motion a trek across Asia in search of the world's finest tea gardens. Along the way, Aera Tea was born.

When he's not tasting tea, Joe enjoys finding new trails to hike and searching for the next tea garden to explore.

Photo caption: tea garden in Ilam, Nepal


Victoria's background in social work and experience combating human trafficking in her community makes her an invaluable partner in our efforts to identify producers who lead the industry in both quality and sustainability. Her passion for ethical practices is what led Victoria on her first tea sourcing trip to Sri Lanka and Nepal. She hasn't looked back since.

In her off time, Victoria enjoys being outdoors, hiking in the White Mountains, and taking photos.

Photo caption: Ella, Sri Lanka


Marco is passionate about tea culture, and connecting with others through storytelling. He joined the Aera team in 2020, bringing along his passion for brewing techniques and dedication towards community-building. He's hoping to someday travel to teagardens and experience the picking process for himself.

When he's not busy creating content, you can find him emersed in a steamy gaiwan with his cat and partner in Chicago