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Four Seasons Spring (Si Ji Chun)


Si Ji Chun 四季春烏龍茶 (Four Seasons Spring), is a lightly oxidized Taiwanese oolong. It was cultivated in a 7 acre organic garden managed by Mr. Lin and his family. The tea garden was started over 40 years ago by Mr. Lin's grandfather, who taught him how to craft tea. Si Ji Chun's aroma reminds us of gardenias after rainfall. The liquor is creamy, clean, and has a buttery finish.

Name: Si Ji Chun 四季春烏龍茶 (Four Season Spring)

Region: Nantou County, Taiwan

Type: Oolong, 20% oxidized

Cultivation: certified organic, Taiwan Council of Agriculture

Harvest Date: April 2022

Garden Elevation: 500 m

Flavor / Aroma: Creamy and buttery texture; floral aroma of gardenias after rainfall


  Gaiwan: 200°F, 4-5 g, 30 sec (add 15 seconds per subsequent infusions)

  Western: 200°F, 4-5 min, 3 g (1 TSP) per 8 oz (250 ml)

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