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Himalayan Delight


This Himalayan tea is a must try if you enjoy teas with a naturally sweet finish. Himalayan Delight is a high elevation black tea with strong cocoa notes. Be sure to take in the aroma as you pour water over the leaves. The scent of fresh baked chocolate will draw you in.

NameHimalayan Delight

Region: Hile, Nepal

Type: Black

Tea Master: Morris Orchard (Jun Chiyabari)

Cultivation: Certified organic (EU)

Harvest Date: June 2022

Garden Elevation: 2,200 m

Flavor / Aroma: Strong cocoa aroma. Full bodied with a sweet, chocolatey finish


Western: 200°F, 3 min, 3 g (1 TBSP) 8 oz (250 ml)

Gaiwan: 200°F, 5 g, 30 sec (add 15 seconds per subsequent infusions)

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